Frequently Asked Questions

What is Our Delivery Time? Expect your Woods Marketplace firewood to arrive within 1-2 weeks, contingent on your location.

Kiln Dried Firewood Explained: For those discerning fire enthusiasts, kiln-dried firewood is the epitome of quality. Our wood undergoes treatment in a dehumidifying heating apparatus, or ‘kiln,’ transforming it from wet (green or seasoned) to dry (kiln-dried). The result? A firewood that burns hotter, brighter, cleaner, and longer. Woods Marketplace’s kiln-dried firewood boasts USDA/APHIS certification, ensuring it’s free from diseases, pests, mold, and mildew. Experience the perfect fire with our clean and easily ignitable kiln-dried firewood.

Kiln-Dried vs. Seasoned Firewood: Absolutely. Kiln-dried firewood outperforms “green” or “seasoned” wood by burning 35% more efficiently. Our kiln treatment process not only enhances efficiency but also shields the wood from moisture penetration permanently. A significant advantage is the elimination of all diseases and pests through the drying process.

Wood Selection: Exclusively hardwoods. Our kiln-dried firewood is a blend of Northeast hardwood species, including Ash, Beech, Hickory, Maple, and Cherry.

Source of Kiln-Dried Firewood: Our commitment to excellence begins in the Northeastern forest. Foresters inspect small-diameter logs, which are then harvested by loggers and transported to our facilities. The arbor comprises native Northeast hardwoods, ensuring a mix of quality species. The logs are meticulously processed, triple-split, and cut to 16″ length, setting the stage for the industry’s longest 48-hour forced hot air treatment in our kilns. The result is firewood with guaranteed 8%-18% moisture content and a rigorous handsorting process to discard any substandard material, producing the cleanest, driest, and hottest-burning firewood in the industry.

Delivery FAQs:

Delivery Timeframe: Expect delivery within 5-10 business days, with rush delivery options available upon request.

Recipient Presence During Delivery: Not necessary. Inform us during scheduling where you’d like the firewood placed.

Stacking Options: Opt for our stacking service for a flat fee of $60 per Face Cord, anywhere you desire (no stairs).

Indoor Storage: Absolutely. Our USDA-certified forest products are safe to store indoors around pets and children.

Delivery Duration: Delivery times vary based on location and customer needs, typically averaging 30-60 minutes.

Unstacked Delivery Location: Before delivery, let us know where you’d like the firewood dumped. Paving is recommended to keep it clean and dry.

Delivery Truck Dimensions: Our versatile equipment accommodates all location challenges, ensuring a smooth delivery process.

Embrace the warmth of Woods Marketplace firewood – where quality and convenience meet the heart of your hearth.


Rapidly becoming the most renowned culinary grade hardwoods in the Northeast.